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As coronavirus crisis intensifies, class antagonisms deepen

socialist party

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Socialist Party

On the other side of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, things will never be the same again. This will be similar to the situation after the two world wars of the twentieth century. The general situation has already unmistakably "changed, changed utterly".

Moreover, it is the rapid speed of events that is one of the most striking features of the situation. Even former British prime minister, Gordon Brown, with his New Labour pedigree, has taken to

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Getting the Job Done - Killing of the Virus that is Capitalism

Will spring kill off the coronavirus?

Look at the Philippines today ?
36C and Manila shut down
This is a virus and has almost certainly mutated as I said weeks ago on my blogs
That is the point the virus will adapt far faster than other species do
We are not talking of the Black Plague because we are more knowledgeable
But today we are not only more careless but more greedy
So socialism will be an example and capitalism exposed
Its profiteering greed and exploitation
Depending on the
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The Morning Star at 90: how the bourgeoisie sees the paper


THE Morning Star, in the shape of its predecessor, the Daily Worker, is 90 years old this year.



It remains the only English-language socialist daily paper in the world and its longevity in itself is a considerable achievement.

There are few magazines and papers very broadly of the left that have lasted

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Market Economy

1 It must be a Market Economy
2 A Ministry and Minister for Food
3 Brexit Mentors and Advisors with skills and experience - replacing political appointees to public offices
4 A Feldsher Health Service - to compliment Improved Secondary Care ie Make Consultants Accountable
5 A Clean Coal rail system to compliment Electric ( Open Coal mines and Steam Trains)
6 Expand rail using roll on roll off for freight and public transport
7 Bring back local markets - with only home produced from Small
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Cost £10 (£8 concs)
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel 07722523629
The tour starts at 11am Sundays in front of the Criterion Theatre/Eros, Piccadilly Circus. 
The tour lasts 2- 2.5 hours and normally finishes inside the British Museum
Book your place below
There are two tours this Sunday 21 April 
@ 11 am and 11.30am 
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