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A guide to speeding offences and how speeding can affect your car insurance


Speeding offences are the most common driving conviction in the UK. If you’ve been convicted of speeding, you’re no doubt worried about how it might affect your car insurance premiums in the future. Here’s what you need to know.  

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
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Posted 3 MARCH 2020

What are the different types of

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Ineos Automotive reveals farming-friendly Grenadier 4×4



Ineos Automotive has finally whipped the veil off its new Grenadier 4×4 following months of hype.

The agricultural industry is expected to be a key market for the firm’s debut vehicle and the company has made no secret of its intent to fill the gap vacated by the old, working-class Land Rover Defender.

Uncompromisingly angular exterior tinwork, pockmarked with retro rounded lights and a horizontal bar grille, will undoubtedly chime with those that favour function over

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Dear Friend ,

The coronavirus lockdown has caused a crisis for our failing privatised railway.

On 23 March 2020, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stepped in with a massive bailout to the private train companies to ensure their profits until 30 September. Train companies want this to continue, but the government don't want to throw more money at a failing system.

Grant Shapps will make a decision in the next few weeks.
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‘I miss a normal life’—the workers stuck out at sea


Lockdown has imprisoned seafarers on ships for months—and they are desperate to leave. Simon Basketter looks at their plight and how they plan to challenge it


Seafarers are stuck in limbo (Pic: JoachimKohlerBremen)

Seafarers onboard cargo ships are in effect prisoners unable to leave ship, even to go ashore briefly when in port.

As countries across the world have imposed lockdowns to curb the spread of the coronavirus, merchant ship crews are collateral

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The end of tourism?

The pandemic has devastated global tourism, and many will say ‘good riddance’ to overcrowded cities and rubbish-strewn natural wonders. Is there any way to reinvent an industry that does so much damage? By 

Of all the calamities that befell tourists as the coronavirus took hold, those involving cruise ships stood apart. Contagion at sea inspired a special horror, as pleasure palaces

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Was an American really conned into buying the wrong London bridge?

London Bridge at home in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Image: Ken Lund/Flickr.

How did London Bridge come to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Arizona, second only to the Grand Canyon? Was it an error on the part of the purchaser? Or was it a clever way to dispose of a decrepit structure, making way for progress, while making a profit in the bargain?

Suren Prasad

London Bridge is where London started: the relative narrowness of the River Thames at

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Tourism industry in China aims to get smart to develop

(People's Daily Online)    15:30, April 24, 2020

The potential for smart tourism has been further tapped during the COVID-19 epidemic, thanks to the help of new infrastructure and technologies related to 5G and AI.

The Yuntai Moutain scenic area in Henan province. (Photo/People’s Daily Online)

Under the impact of the pneumonia outbreak, tourist attractions and online travel agents have employed the Internet to

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The UK's unwritten driving rules revealed


Reckon you know the unwritten rules that govern our roads? We list them all, and reveal if you could actually get into trouble with the law by obeying them...

UK motorway

From the Highway Code to Acts of Parliament, there’s plenty of scripture to dictate the dos and don’ts of driving in the UK.

But as any driver will know, there are conduct and etiquette conventions followed by many motorists that won’t be found in any

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How brave is Shanaz Gulzar to make the BBC recognise that beauty is in the beholder and that Yorkshire is God's own County. He camera and simplicity of description makes everthing commercial look greedy and false.

It makes politicians irrelevant and people important as much as the nature Shanaz decribes.

She is an artist and musician for the sounds of the countryside are as important as the lanscape.

Is there hope for climate change to know that the scenes she visits are as old as the

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10 top tips to improve fuel efficiency

Unfortunately, the cost of motoring is going only one way – up. While we can’t do anything about the price of fuel, we can offer you a few pointers on how to increase your car's fuel economy. Follow these 10 handy tips to improve efficiency and get the best mpg from your car.

Tip 1

Remove weight

Remove excess weight. Take unnecessary bulky items out of the car, such as that shovel you put in the boot to clear snow in winter. Also, if the kids are

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