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QUESTIONS QUESTIONS-" Democracy or Autocrasy? Are some pigs really more equal ? Which system give most people a say, considering the degree of inequality today ?"


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As the shadow of the US presidential election grows ever darker, Open Rights Group is convening an exclusive panel of digital rights giants to shed some light on data, democracy and the integrity of our elections.

We’re offering a special chance to our members and supporters to pick the brains of speakers Shireen MitchellProfessor David Carroll and Ravi Naik by submitting a question in advance of recording on Thursday. The

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On Wednesday, we celebrated World Whistleblower Day.

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Sergey Magnitsky are just the best-known of the many people who have risked everything to do the right thing and challenge the status quo against all odds.

It’s rarely been clearer that calling out wrongdoing and exposing the truth can save lives.

Dozens of cases of mismanagement and corruption during

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This week, a Paris court delivered an important judgement for the Syrian people and the anti-corruption community.

On Wednesday, French judges sentenced Rifaat al-Assad to four years in prison for money laundering and embezzlement of public funds from his home country, Syria.

The guilty verdict follows the 2013 civil action proceedings brought against him by Transparency International France and

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The future is always uncertain, but rarely in our lifetimes has it felt more so.

As many countries begin to cautiously relax limits on public life put in place to control the spread of the coronavirus, thoughts turn to what kind of world those emerging from lockdown are stepping into, and what comes next.

The crisis is of course by no means over. There will be intense political, economic and social changes in the coming

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When the Lie Becomes the Truth There is No Moving Backwards

Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis


In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced

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Feeling apathetic? Brits ‘don’t care’ if Northern Ireland leaves UK to reunite with Ireland, poll reveals

Feeling apathetic? Brits ‘don’t care’ if Northern Ireland leaves UK to reunite with Ireland, poll reveals
A majority (54 percent) of mainland Brits don’t care whether Northern Ireland stays part of the UK or reunites with the Republic of Ireland – and less than a quarter would be upset if it left.
23 Apr, 2020 11:45

The numbers come from a new YouGov poll, which also found that over a third of Britons would be supportive of a referendum on reunification taking place in Northern Ireland.

Indicating high levels of disinterest in the fate of the Northern Irish statelet, almost 40

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The case to end corporate secrecy is stronger than ever


This week marks four years since the Panama Papers blew the lid on corporate secrecy. Back in 2016, the loopholes in a global financial system that fuel inequality and impunity for corruption became common knowledge.

Four years, countless scandals and a Netflix movie later, there has been significant progress but tax justice and corporate secrecy continue to be pressing problems.

Abuse of

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Banana Republics on Display

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Hi ,

In the coronavirus era, there are two kinds of decisions: emergency responses to the crisis and everything else.

As worldwide lockdowns and states of emergency limit public oversight, it is becoming increasingly clear that any ongoing non-emergency business that requires thorough deliberation needs to be postponed. Crisis-mode governance has to be limited to emergency matters only.

Yet, some decisionmakers

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Transparency International recognise female anti-corruption fighters

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At Transparency International, we recognise female anti-corruption fighters – including fierce advocates from our movement – each and every day, but this International Women’s Day we want to get real in honour of women who are often unable to stand up against abuses of power.

You’ve heard us say over and over again that women are disproportionately affected by corruption. This week, we

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The Trump-Netanyahu Alliance Is Endangering Americans and Israelis



The corrupt bond between Israel’s prime minister and the U.S. president might help them win elections, but it doesn’t keep their citizens safe.


Palestinian demonstrators burn portraits of U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the slogan in Arabic "Down with the Deal of the Century" during a protest in Gaza's Jabalia refugee camp on Jan
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CAPITALIST Daily Corruption News ?

Daily Corruption News
7 December 2019

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HungaryAnother good year for Hungary’s gasfitter-turned-billionaire
Emerging Europe

The companies of Lőrinc Mészáros a childhood friend of the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, enjoyed another good year in 2019. According to a Hungarian business news portal the companies owned by the businessman and his associates won tenders for 415 billion forints (1.26 billion euros) worth of public procurement-based

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